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Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Color Gives Lasting Results With No Harsh Chemicals

Aveda Full Spectrum hair color gives brilliant color and shine on all types of hair, regardless of its condition. All of Aveda’s hair coloring products are 99 percent natural, which means no harsh chemicals or dyes to irritate the scalp and damage hair further. In fact, the products improve the condition of the hair with […]

Level Salon and Spa Proudly Participates in Aveda’s Full Circle Recycling Program

Level Salon and Spa is proud to participate in Aveda’s Full Circle Recycling Program. We are actively engaged in keeping as much material out of landfills as possible. To that end, Level Salon wants to let clients know about Aveda’s Earth friendly packaging materials. All of the containers and makeup brushes from Aveda’s product line […]

Treat Yourself to an Aveda Elemental Nature Facial at Level Salon!

There is nothing quite like a facial with Aveda products to help restore your skin and leave it feeling fresh. Aveda has created a wide-ranging product line called Elemental Nature Facial that addresses a wide variety of facial skin problems. Is your skin feeling dry? Or do you have blemishes you want to take care […]

April is Earth Month — Come Celebrate it With Us at Level Salon!

Earth day is on April 22, but Aveda decided to make all of April into Earth Month. At Level Salon, we are an Aveda Lifestyle Salon, and are participating in the events that are scheduled by Aveda. The core concept of Earth Month is one of protecting the earth’s water sources, a precious resource that […]

Enlighten Yourself!

We are constantly striving to exist in harmony with the world around us and at Aveda that means a fully green commitment to the environment.  We do our best to keep our salons as eco-friendly as possible, and to reduce our carbon footprint.  If you would like to join us on our mission to make […]

Discover the Aveda Difference

At Level Salon and Spa, we care about being in harmony with the world around us.  This extends to the Earth from which our Aveda products come, and the people who use our products.  As such, all of our beauty products are crafted mindfully with a keen eye towards respect of all these spheres which […]